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Veera Black Velvet Sofa

Veera Black Velvet Sofa

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Immerse yourself in the luxurious comfort, dramatic style, and 70s style retro chic charm of the Veera II Black Performance Velvet and Gold 3 Seater Sofa. This piece defines sophistication and elegance with a nod to the past. Crafted with high-quality performance velvet, this sofa offers unparalleled durability and comfort, featuring a stain-resistant and moisture-repellant black velvet that invites you to relax in luxury. The brushed gold stainless steel frame enhances the sofa's stunning visual appeal, creating a beautiful contrast that commands attention in any room and resonates with the 70s style retro chic charm.


  • High-Quality Performance Velvet: Luxurious black performance velvet that is stain-resistant, moisture-repellant, and adds an exquisite layer of durability and comfort, echoing the 70s style retro chic charm.
  • Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Frame: Provides a beautiful contrast, creating a stunning visual appeal that commands attention and pays homage to the 70s aesthetic.
  • Barrel Back Design: Ensures hours of relaxation and support with its gracefully curved design, reminiscent of 70s style furnishings.
  • Includes 3 Throw Cushions: Adds to the comfort and perfectly complements the sofa’s aesthetic with a touch of retro chic charm.
  • Superior Comfort: Features 3 loose seat cushions filled with high-density foam, offering an exceptional seating experience reminiscent of the plush, luxurious seating of the 70s.
  • Durable and Robust: Supports a significant weight capacity, accommodating all guests, with the resilience and quality reminiscent of the finest 70s furnishings.
  • Ready to Enjoy: Arrives fully assembled for immediate enjoyment without any hassle, just as the practical yet stylish furnishings of the 70s era.


  • 81.8" wide x 30.7" depth x 27.5" height

Shipping Details:

  • Weight & Packaging: The accent chair comes in one box with a total weight of 140 lbs each, ensuring a safe and secure delivery.
  • Packaging Dimensions: Includes detailed measurements for the accent chair package, facilitating easier handling and storage.
  • Package Width: 88”
  • Package Depth: 33"
  • Package Height: 31"
  • Total Boxes: 1

Why Choose The Veera II Black Velvet Sofa? 

Choose the Veera II Black Velvet Sofa for its perfect blend of functionality, sophisticated design, luxurious comfort, and 70s style retro chic charm. This sofa not only adds a dramatic look to your space but also ensures an exceptional seating experience with its high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Perfect for both commercial and personal use, it’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance, comfort, and retro charm to their living environment.

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