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Foxboro Gold End Table

Foxboro Gold End Table

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Elevate your decor with the Foxboro End Table, a symbol of sophistication and contemporary elegance. This exquisite piece combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, featuring a laser-cut stainless steel frame with a luxurious mirror gold finish. Topped with a faux marble surface, it's designed to offer that elite contemporary look that complements any modern living space. Whether it's by your favorite armchair or as a chic addition to your living room, the Foxboro End Table is sure to add a touch of glamour and style.


  • Elegant Gold Finish: The mirror gold finish on the stainless steel frame reflects light beautifully, making it a stunning piece that captures attention.
  • Precision-Crafted Frame: Laser-cut stainless steel provides a delicate yet durable structure, showcasing the pinnacle of modern design techniques.
  • Luxurious Faux Marble Top: A high-quality faux marble top adds a touch of elegance, replicating the beauty of real marble without the upkeep.
  • Simple Assembly: With minor assembly required, you can easily put this piece together by attaching the marble top to the frame.


  • Overall Size: 18.9” diameter x 22.8” height
Shipping Dimensions: 
  • Weight & Packaging: The table top and base come in two separate boxes, with a total weight of 35 lbs, ensuring a safe and secure delivery. 
  • Packaging Dimensions: Includes detailed measurements for both the table top and base packages, facilitating easier handling and storage until assembly. 
  • Table Top Package Width: 25 Inches
  • Table Top Package Depth: 25 Inches
  • Table Top Package Height: 5 Inches
  • Base Package Width: 30 Inches
  • Base Package Depth: 30 Inches
  • Base Package Height: 25 Inches
  • Total Boxes: 2 (1 Base + 1 Table Top) 

Why Choose The Foxboro Gold End Table? 

Opting for the Foxboro Gold End Table brings a distinctive touch of modern sophistication to any space, setting it apart from competitors with its unique combination of a sleek, mirror gold finish and a precision-crafted, laser-cut stainless steel frame. Its faux marble top not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance. Unlike other tables that may require complex assembly, the Foxboro is designed for effortless setup, allowing you to quickly enjoy its blend of style and functionality. This table excels in versatility, easily complementing a range of decor styles with its contemporary design and attention to detail, making it a superior choice for those seeking to enhance their living space with a piece that's both beautiful and practical.

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