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Castlemore Sideboard

Castlemore Sideboard

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Introducing the Castlemore Sideboard - a masterpiece of design and functionality tailored to enhance your living space. This sideboard marries the classic beauty of lacquer MDF with chic modern elements, resulting in a piece that not only serves practical purposes but also acts as a stunning decor statement.


  • Material Excellence: Crafted from premium lacquer MDF, ensuring long-lasting durability and a polished finish.
  • Smart Storage: Boasts 2 soft close doors and 3 drawers, providing ample space for organizing essentials, with each drawer featuring a sleek design for added elegance.
  • Stylish Hardware: Adorned with polished gold hardware against an exposed stainless steel frame, creating a striking visual contrast.
  • Ready and Elegant: Comes fully assembled with a finished back, weighing 150 pounds, reflecting attention to detail and design mastery.


  • Overall Size: 59" Wide x 16.5" Depth x 33.0" Height

Shipping Details:

  • Weight & Packaging: Delivered in one box, encased in a protective wooden crate to ensure safety, with a total weight of 162 lbs.
  • Packaging Dimensions: Detailed for easy handling and storage, measuring 65" in width, 22" in depth, and 37" in height.

Why Choose The Castlemore Sideboard?

The Castlemore Sideboard is an epitome of sophistication and functionality, offering a sleek design and ample storage to meet the needs of contemporary living spaces. It perfectly blends with any decor style, from ultra-modern to traditional, making it an ideal choice for your living room, dining area, or hallway. The sideboard's design and storage capabilities are thoughtfully curated to cater to the evolving trends of 2024, promising not just utility but also a chic aesthetic appeal that enhances the overall ambiance of your home.

Embrace the Castlemore Sideboard for a fusion of style and practicality, bringing home a piece that complements your space with unmatched elegance and serves as a versatile storage solution.

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