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Black Silk Wall Art

Black Silk Wall Art

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Indulge in the sheer sophistication of the Black Silk Wall Art, meticulously hand-painted to perfection. Designed to captivate, this piece melds contemporary style with a touch of classic allure, featuring subtle gray and white hues adorned with glimmering gold leaf accents.


  • Handcrafted Detail: Each stroke is expertly applied by hand, offering a unique masterpiece with its elegant, fluid silk patterns.

  • Gold Leaf Embellishment: Authentic gold leaf elements provide a luxurious contrast, exuding an opulent aura that catches the light.

  • Brushed Gold Frame: The art comes encased in a fitted brushed gold frame, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and adding a warm, rich finish.

  • Generous Dimensions: Spanning a substantial 40 inches in diameter, this wall art creates a striking visual statement.

  • Ready to Hang: Equipped with wall hooks, it arrives ready for display, ensuring a seamless setup.


  • Overall Size: 40" Diameter x 5" Depth. 

Shipping Details: 

  • Weight & Packaging: This wall art comes in one box, with a total weight of 12 lbs, ensuring a safe and secure delivery. 

  • Packaging Dimensions: Includes detailed measurements for the wall art, facilitating easier handling and storage. 

  • Wall Art Package Depth: 8" 

  • Wall Art Package Height: 42"

  • Wall Art Package Width: 42"

  • Total Boxes: 1 

Why You Should Buy: Transform your space into a haven of tranquility and elegance. The White Silk Wall Art is not just a decor item; it's a centerpiece that reflects a blend of modern design trends and timeless beauty. It's more than art—it's a statement.


Due to the reflective nature of the gold leaf, images on the site may not capture the characteristics precisely. Hand painted items will vary from piece to piece, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind artwork.

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